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Manetco is a services company in new materials and new technologies for the industrial sector

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At Manetco, our mission is to democratize access to new technologies, enabling a wide range of companies to streamline the development of innovative and environmentally sustainable industrial processes. We are dedicated to transforming ideas into practical, efficient, and greener tools that propel businesses towards success.

We envision a future where companies recognize the immense value of science and new technologies in driving their growth and competitiveness. At Manetco, we strive to be the guiding force that empowers companies to navigate the complexities of emerging technologies, helping them realize their full potential.

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Tanguy, founder of Manetco, holds a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Materials Science and he has 15 years of experience in academic and applied research at EU level.  

Manetco is a network of experts and industries with cutting edge technologies to develop disruptive industrial production processes.