Design and manufacturing

Researchers and engineers who invent or develop new production processes or new lab equipment often need specific components which are missing on the market. We help them to design and manufacture specific part adapted to their application. It can be a missing part due to disruption of the supply chain, a part to support the R&D or even the development of a key element for flow chemistry and microfluidic process development. 

Microfluidic chips

High precision 3D printed microfluidic chips. We co-create innovative design and 3D print them to help you creating innovative processes.  


We design and 3D print custom static-mixers to exactly fit your application to properly mix viscous fluids, gas... Various materials available: 316L - PP - PEEK - PVDF - Alumina - SiC ...


Custom mixing units adapted to the most challenging reactions or formulation. We adapt the design to your experiment where rapid and efficient mixing, emulsion, liquid/liquid extraction... is required.

Custom electrodes

We design and manufacture custom electrodes with semi-transparent conductive coating, if needed, to adapt to your electrochemistry projects.

High precision ceramic

We design and production high precision 3D printed ceramic for your most corrosive or high temperature applications. Materials available: Alumina - SiC - Zirconia

Micron-scale channels

We combine flexible and high precision manufacturing technologies to create modular micro-mixers with high precision inner channels.