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Advices and design

As expert in materials and high performance coating, we propose consultancy services to help you identifying the solution adapted to your process.

Design - Digital fabrication technologies for ceramic, metals and high performance polymers - innovative coatings to create inert, anti-adherence and anti-corrosion surfaces.

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Custom-made static mixers

We sell small scale, easy-to-use and robust static mixers adapted to your most challenging mixing issues to intensify your chemical production process. We can easily adapt the number of inlets, the inner diameter, the design of restrictions or static mixer... 

Flow chemistry - Impinging jet - Emulsions - Gaz injection

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High precision filter pumps

We distribute high filter pumps fabricated by OMG di Gibogini, an italian manufacturer. These filtres are adapted for galvanic and chemical processes with a very high degree of filtration (below 1 micron).

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