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Innovations to create your lab of future  

We help research lab to design and manufacture complex parts. We also develop different  type of sensors (electrochemical, spectrophotometer, impedance...) with the possibility to integrate them within your lab equipement or pilot process to simplify data collection, experiment control or even experiment automation. 

We use an iterative approach to co-create the solutions with you. This approach will help you to reduce development risks and to keep control of your innovation. 

Do you need to manufacture a part or to simplify data collection from an experiment ? 

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Our approach


Consultancy services to discover new manufacturing technologies. We also help you to find the best material or coating for your application.


Imagine the design or give us your part. We create the digital file for production and we provide a prototype to visualise the result.


We identify the best suited manufacturing technology for your application and we produce the part for you.


We help you to integrate the technology within your lab-scale or pilot-scale equipment to automate your process.


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Static mixers and micro-reactors for flow chemistry

We create parts with 3D printing solutions using (bio)pharma compliant materials for : 

  • Liquid/liquid extraction 

  • Crystallisation 

  • Mixing viscous fluids 

  • (Photo)catalytic applications

  • Low shear mixing for sensitive compounds

  • Your application ​

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

 Sensors for inline analysis

We design and prototype sensors for inline analysis and continuous monitoring to follow key parameters like : 

  • pH 

  • Ions concentration 

  • Enzymatic reaction 

  • Liquid level 

  • Your application

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Microfluidic chips prototyping

We provide innovative technologies to quickly prototype your microfluidic chips without any clean room required for : 

  • Diagnostic and lab-on-chips applications

  • Nano-emulsions 

  • Protein purification 

  • Nano-particles synthesis 

  • Your application 

3D printing for chemical and biopharma industries

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