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Through its technical expertise, with knowledge of materials and production processes, Manetco will help you reach your dream of bringing your idea to a real manufacturing scheme of your product or your industrial innovation. 

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We help you to define the efficiency of a new production process, or a part of it, with prototyping agility to accelerate the development of your process. From designing the parts, identifying the different components and the adapted provider to the fabrication of the prototype it-self, we propose you an all-in-one service. 


Technical Expertise

Manetco propose technical expertises to help you identifying the right materials and technologies. We also propose a wide range of innovative technologies to improve the life time of your equipments.

New fabrication technologies, like additive manufacturing, are rapidly developing and they bring new opportunities to improve production processes. The access to materials like stainless steel, ceramics or high performance surface treatments respecting production constraints become more accessible.



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Technologies at your service

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing

Available materials: Stainless steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Ceramic, transparent resin, PEEK

Laser Micromachinig

Laser to precisely pattern, drill, cut or modify the surface of materials like ceramics, polymers, metals, glass... 

High Precision Manufacturing

Production of high-precision mechanical parts in various polymers and metals.

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