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Are you developing a new piece of equipment? Do you want to improve your production process? We help you to design, manufacture and integrate complex parts for equipment repair or new product development in high performance materials such as PEEK, stainless steel or ceramics.

Production process needs to be more efficient, more flexible with a lower environmental footprint. These challenges require rethinking the production processes and, in some cases, reducing equipment size.

When your equipment needs complex parts or, when their production lead-time is too long, we help you to face these challenges.

We help you to design, manufacture and integrate complex or unique parts, adapted to chemical and (bio)pharma environment, for new process development and equipment maintenance. 

Lab-and pilot-scale prototypes

Process improvment

Industrial parts



Training sessions and consultancy services to discover and better understand the technologies.


Imagine the design or give us your part.   We create the digital file for production and we help you to find the best material.


We identify the best suited manufacturing technology for your application and we produce the part for you.


We help you to integrate the technology within your lab-scale or pilot-scale equipment to automate your process.


Medical devices


Pharma & chemical industry

Flow chemistry and microfluidic

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A network of experts, start-up and industries with high performancetechnologies to manufacture microstructured parts, functionalize a surface or automate a process.
Expertise to identify the right technology and the right partner to accelerate the development of your innovative product or equipment. 

A global understanding of the innovation process including time and costs constraints beyond the technological challenges to make sure that the final solution is affordable and respects production (e.g. GMP environment).

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