Surface treatment

We help you to modify the surface for your materials even with complex shapes or inside micro-channels. We can propose solutions to solve protein adherence issues, friction problems or surface functionalization to bring (photo)catalytic properties, conductivity or biocompatibility on the surface. 

Digital (micro)manufacturing

We help you to find the right manufacturing technology to produce complex parts using high-performance materials like technical polymers (PEEK...), stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy, silicon carbide, tantalum...


We help you to find the materials with the right chemical, temperature and pressure resistance for your application. With your collaboration, we create the design adapted to your application and the chosen manufacturing technology while keeping in mind your production constraints (GMP production process...)

Our services


Training sessions and consultancy services to better understand the new technologies and their potential for your innovation.


Feasibility studies to choose the best solution adapted to your application and your production constraints.


Design of your part adapted to the chosen manufacturing technology and production of the part with short lead-time.


The produced part is integrated within your lab or your pilot plan with the possibility to automate your process.


Medical devices


Pharma & chemical industry

Materials & industry

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A network of experts, start-up and industries with disruptive technologies to manufacture microstructured parts, functionalize a surface or automate a process.

Expertise to identify the right technology and the right partner to accelerate the development of your innovative product or equipment. 

A global understanding of the innovation process including time and costs constraints beyond the technological challenges to make sure that the final solution is affordable and respects production (e.g. GMP environment).

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