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Critical parts required to create your innovative lab equipment or your disruptive future production process can be difficult to find. 

Are you looking for advices to find specific materials, create impossible parts or an entire prototype ? Leave us a message below and we will be happy yo help !

Our approach


Consultancy services to discover new manufacturing technologies. We also help you to find the best material or coating for your application.


Imagine the design or give us your part. We create the digital file for production and we provide a prototype to visualise the result.


We identify the best suited manufacturing technology for your application and we produce the part for you.


We help you to integrate the technology within your lab-scale or pilot-scale equipment to automate your process.


Parts for flow chemistry and efficient mixing

Electrochemical sensors and (photo)catalysis

Equipments spare-parts and maintenance


Mixing viscous liquids

Prototyping and manufacturing embedded static mixers

Tubes, Y-shape, T-shape or multiple inlets/outlets mixing tubes with embedded static mixer inside. Inner diameter can be adapted to reach the required fluid velocity or avoid large the pressure drop. The mixer can be adapted to many standard connectors (e.g. Swagelok like, Tri clamp, UNF…) to be plug and play to an existing system. Stainless steel, transparent resin or ceramic, depending on the chemicals involved, can be used

Intelligent lab experiment

Automated experiment with unknow reagents

Two key parameters need to be controlled with a good precision : the foam generation and the color change. In partnership with Flamac, the POC of an automated platform combined with a camera to control the color change and the foam thickness has been designed. This system was designed to be controlled by an artificial intelligence to accelerate the process like predicting the amount of reagents or the injection speed to fasten the analytical process.

Prototyping a liquid distribution from one inlet to 6 outlets for a flow chemistry equipment.

Smart sensors for detecting an enzyme activity capable of hydrolyzing betalactam ring anti-microbial agents in a biological cell - Inventor: Sami Yunus

 Demo with one of our micromixer with Fuji pumps from Motor Technology at the 11th CFRT symposium in Glasgow 

About us

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A team of experts in materials and high performance technologies to manufacture microstructured parts, functionalize a surface or automate a process. We help you to identify the right solution to accelerate the development of your equipment.  

A global understanding of the  innovation process including time and costs constraints beyond the technological challenges to make sure that the final solution is affordable and respects production constraints. 

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