We provide modular solutions to support researchers and engineers in their projects. 


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We co-create, with you, custom equipments and parts adapted to your experiments. We transform your ideas in realistic projects thanks to innovative technologies. 

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Digital manufacturing

We make unique parts thanks to digital and high precision manufacturing like 3D printing, laser or electrical discharge machining. We provide materials adapted demanding (bio)chemical environments.  

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Surface functionalisation 

We design and prototype sensors for in-line analysis and continuous monitoring to follow key parameters of your experiment.

Agile Approach

We propose a step-by-step approach to help you understand how new technologies can bring your research to the next level.


Consultancy services to discover new technologies to create new equipments and parts for your lab.


Test your future equipment and imagine the final set-up with functional prototype in hand. 


We identify the best suited technology for your application and we produce the part for you.


We help you to integrate the technology within your lab-scale equipment to automate your process.

Demonstration of the mixing efficiency of the dropmixer with a super metering Fuji Pump - Set-up made by Control in Motion in UK. 

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