Unleashing the Potential of Microfluidics
From Lab Scale to Industrial Production
3 July, 2023 by
Marine André

Microfluidics, often associated with diagnostic applications and lab-scale production, has been overlooked by many industries as an unsuitable technology for large-scale production. However, a growing number of industrial cases are challenging this perception, revealing the tremendous advantages that microfluidics, also known as flow chemistry, brings to industrial production processes.

One of the key advantages of microfluidics is the enhanced control it offers over mass and heat transfer. This precise control leads to highly efficient processes with improved performance. Additionally, the simplified automation of microfluidic systems further contributes to the optimization of industrial processes, ultimately increasing productivity and reliability.

Another significant benefit of microfluidics is its ability to facilitate the parallelization and duplication of processes. This feature enables a smoother scale-up from development to production, minimizing the risks and challenges typically associated with transitioning from smaller-scale operations to larger-scale production. By reducing the scale-up complexities, industries can bring their innovative ideas to market more swiftly and effectively.

The parallelization aspect of microfluidics also opens up possibilities for decentralized production. By bringing production closer to the customers, the need for extensive transportation is minimized, resulting in reduced carbon footprint and a greener approach to manufacturing. A notable example highlighting the potential of microfluidics in industrial production is the technology utilized by Pfizer in the production of the COVID vaccine. Their innovative microfluidic systems played a crucial role in the efficient and rapid production of the vaccine, marking a significant milestone in the fight against the pandemic.

At Manetco, we are at the forefront of microfluidic advancements, supporting industries in harnessing the full potential of this technology. One of our notable contributions includes the creation of customized parts for the production of Lipid Nano Particles (LNPs), a crucial component in the production of vaccines such as the Pfizer COVID vaccine. By leveraging our expertise in micro-mixers and flow chemistry, we enable the efficient and reliable production of LNPs, contributing to the advancement of life-saving vaccines.

To delve deeper into the world of microfluidics and witness its incredible capabilities, we invite you to watch this captivating video showcasing the microfluidic technology employed by Pfizer in vaccine manufacturing: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/health/2021/03/31/pfizer-vaccine-manufacturing-exclusive-gupta-vpx.cnn.

At Manetco, we continue to push the boundaries of modular micro-mixers for impinging jet and flash chemistry, delivering innovative solutions that revolutionize industrial processes. 

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Marine André 3 July, 2023
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