Materials Helpdesk
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2 October, 2019 by
Materials Helpdesk
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter
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 When the right material or manufacturing technology is difficult to find, developing a piece of new equipment or running a production process efficiently can become problematic. This holds especially true if the parts are complex to build, require many assembling steps or are needed in very small quantities. 

Digital manufacturing technologies can help to quickly create and produce such small parts, even if they are very complex. However, it is not always easy to know where to find the right partner with the technology matching the quality requirement since many solutions exist on the market, and many new solutions arrive almost everyday on the market. 

In order to help you, as development and process engineer, to smooth your projects, we launch a helpdesk service. Thanks to our expertise and our network of industrial partners, we will work for you to identify the right materials and manufacturing tools to fit your needs. 

Materials Helpdesk
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter 2 October, 2019
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