How new technologies can help companies to solve problems?
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8 March, 2023 by
Marine André

Companies are facing important challenges. They need to develop more effective process, reduce their production waste or reduce risk. New technologies exist but researchers and engineering don’t always know their existence. Moreover, even if they have heard about them, they are not sure how they could help them to solve their problems. 

What are the key technologies that can help industries in 2023?

  • 3D printing: At Manetco, we focus on the development of parts adapted for chemical and biopharma process with large environmental constraints. For this purpose, we mostly use high precision 3D printing which are biocompatible, chemical and/or high temperature resistant. We generally work with materials like high performance polymers (PEEK, PVDF, PP…), stainless steel or technical ceramics (SiC, alumina…). However, 3D printing is not always the best solution and, if needed, we explore other manufacturing technologies like micro-machining, laser cutting laser or laser welding if required. 

  • Surface coating: When needed, we will also use high precision surface coating to increase the chemical resistance, control the wettability or bring new functionality on the surface. This is also an important aspect to improve the performance of the final product by increasing its chemical resistance, modify the surface wettability or even to create integrated sensors. 

The part produced can be integrated within a full equipment, with pumps, controllers, and electrochemical sensors or automated microscopy for inline analysis. In that case, we can manage the project from the idea thought the prototyping stage towards the final equipment. 

At Manetco, we help your teams to develop disruptive equipment for your lab or for your next generation production process.

You can check some examples on our website:

Marine André 8 March, 2023
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