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Manetco helps start-up, research labs and industries to create custom parts, sensors or equipment for their R&D lab and pilot applications.

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Implementing new technologies in the lab or developing a new production process presents many unknown parameters which need to be tackled. It is often impossible to foreseen these risks without testing the idea. 

Manetco helps you to implement new technologies with a step-by-step approach to limit these risks. We can intervene at different stages of the project according to your needs

Feel free to call us, we will be happy to give you an overview of the technological possibilities with a pre-study.  

                From your idea, we follow a pragmatic process to materialise it

                ⦁    Analyzing the need to identify the key challenges
                ⦁    Analyzing existing solutions to avoid reinventing the wheel
                ⦁    Create a prototype, already during the feasibility study, to evaluate the solution
                ⦁    Manufacture the prototype with adapted technologies and materials for the application
                ⦁    Test the prototype in realistic environment
                ⦁    Iterate until the optimal solution is found

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                Technology scouting

                We explore literature and existing technologies to find adapted solutions for your new lab equipment, for the development of a new production process or to solve production issues.  
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                Odoo • Image and Text

                Design and manufacturing custom parts and sensors

                From a sketch, we create the CAD file and we identify the adapted technology to create the prototypes and the parts. We are specialized in the manufacturing of parts required high precision or/and resistance to harsh environement. We also help identifying adapted coating and surface functionaliztion for sensors, (photo)catalysis or electrochemical applications. 

                Development of lab equipment for validation

                In order to validate custom parts or real-time sensors, we create experimental set-up to validate the working princple and to develop the analytical method.  

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                  Custom static mixer for flow chemistry applications

                  We designed and manufactured custom static mixers for various complex continous mixing process. nano-emulsions, low shear, flash chemistry, nanoparticles synthesis, efficient mixing for liquid/liquid extraction...

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                  Design and production of a locker for a biopharma tank

                  Based on a sketch from a customer, we create a custom locker for the bottom valve of a biopharma production tank. We used  iterative process functional prototypes until the validation of the design and we produced the parts.

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                  Sensor development for automated liq/liq extraction

                  We developed and tested an electrochemical sensor to detect in real time the interface between two phases to separate them automatically during a liq/liq extraction process. A prototype of the set-up has been created to test the working principle. 

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                  Scouting manufacturing technologies to create microfluidic chips

                  We investigated innovative micro-manufacturing technologies to create plug and play microfluidic chips with outstanding surface qualities and channel as small as 50 microns in biocompatible materials, stainless steel or ceramic.

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                  Your Project ?

                  Do you want to validate an idea or a technology ?

                  Feel free to call us, we will be happy to give you an overview of the technological possibilities with a pre-study. 







                    Demonstration of the mixing efficiency of the dropmixer with a super metering Fuji Pump - Set-up made by Control in Motion in UK. 

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