Real-time analysis at lab scale
We develop optical and electrochemical sensors to help researchers collecting data in real-time within compact lab equipment.
18 April, 2022 by
Real-time analysis at lab scale
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter
Data collection is key for a good understanding of a (bio)chemical process or for the follow-up of an experiment. We often discuss with researchers who have issues to correctly collect key parameters of their experiments due to unsuitable tools. Indeed, many very high performance lab equipments are present on the market to analyse results from an experiment. However, these analysis take time and often require many sample preparation steps.

At Manetco, we specialise in the design and the creation of electrochemical and optical sensors adapted to lab and pilot scale equipment for a real-time follow-up of the experiments. While sensors for an in-line control of key parameters of an experiment (conductivity, refractive index, absorbance, diffraction, impedance ...) are common for industrial applications, they don't always exist at sufficiently small scale to fit into a lab equipment or within a microfluidic set-up. In that case, they have to be created. This is possible thanks to innovative micro-manufacturing technologies combined with high precision technologies to functionalise surfaces.

For example, we developed for a customer an impedance sensor to automatically detect the interface between two immiscible liquids in order to automate the liquid / liquid extraction step in their research. 

For another project, we designed an optical sensor to continuously follow the mixing efficiency of a micro-mixer. For this application, we designed a custom analytical cell to integrate the sensors within the milli-fluidic experimental set-up.  

Do you need real-time analysis in your lab ? We will be happy to discuss about your project.

Real-time analysis at lab scale
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter 18 April, 2022
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