Solutions against COVID-19

We provide a list of production capabilities to produce faceshields, valves or any other missing parts.

We offer our expertise in materials and prototyping tools to teams developing solutions. 

We help medical staff to find validated solutions with the right biocompatibility when it is required. 

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Industrial production of face shields

To meet the urgent demand for face shields in large quantities, a kit has been developed by a consortium of Belgian industries: HTP Europe, UCB Pharma, Grando, Sabert and Manetco, the maker group, Respira Project, and the sheltered workshop, Trait d'Union. The face shield is composed of a polycarbonate headband and a visor made of highly transparent PET.
The aim of the project is to produce protective visors locally at reduced costs. To achieve this, the headband was manufactured by plastic injection and the visor was manufactured by automatic cutting. All parties involved have worked to reduce costs as much as possible, with the mould costs being covered by partners, provision of raw material free of charge, absence of development costs and a maximum reduction in production costs. This project has a real humanitarian vocation to help combat the crisis against COVID-19. The first 5,000 units will be distributed free of charge.
The project was completed very quickly. The first contacts between the various partners were initiated at the beginning of April and the protective visors will be available from 12 May.
We have improved the open source design initially printed in 3D in :
- Increasing the frontal contact area for a better comfort
- Increasing the contact area behind the ears for better comfort
- Spread the visor slightly apart so as not to hinder people wearing glasses but also so that a minimum of mist is deposited on the visor.
- Close the upper part of the visor to avoid splashing from above the visor.
- Also adapting the cut-out of the visor, which has been rounded at the base so that there are no sharp corners to disturb.

Open-source document for part production 

The share document below lists industries and fablab with their 3D printing and digital manufacturing capabilities. The file also lists biocompatible materials adapted to the production of sensitive parts like valves. The file is in open access, feel free to contact us to receive the link.

Please note that the production of valves, swabs and similar medical devices require controled production environment and biocompatible materials with ISO certifications. The AFPMS published guidelines for the production of these parts. Click here to read the related article.  

If you need support or have any question regarding the production of specific parts, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. 

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