Our team member : Sami Yunus
Scientist, inventor and maker :)
7 January, 2020 by
Our team member : Sami Yunus
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter
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Sami Yunus is a chemist, "maker" and multidisciplinary scientific researcher at the University of Liège and on a freelance basis for Belgian and foreign technology companies and enterprises.

Sami Yunus holds a degree in Chemical Sciences and a PhD in Organic Physical-Chemistry. His "free electron" career in research has enabled him to acquire knowledge in other fields such as electronics, computer science, mechanics and materials science. Sami Yunus has carried out two post-doctorates with physicists in molecular electronics, and a third post-doctorate - with engineers - on chemical sensors. He has also carried out applied research on biological sensors with microbiologists and doctors.

At the University of Liège, he is working in the SmartTech department on the development of automatic methods for breeding and monitoring insects, but also on the food reactors of the future, 1D, 2D and 3D biological printing technologies and sensors in the food industry.

As a "freelance", he carries out research and development in a multidisciplinary manner for several companies of various sizes.

He was interviewed by the RTBF (Belgian National Radio) to discuss about Lab of the Future and to present some of his work : 

- Spirulina Photobioreactor for the spin-off SpirHome from Liège University

- pH sensor for the Essence project 

- An electronic tongue used as an antibiotic bacterial resistance detector developed in collaboration with the reference laboratory on bacterial resistance at the Mont-Godinne hospital.

Click here hear the interview 

Do you need Samy's expertise for you next prototype ?  

Drop a line and we will be happy to help ! 

Our team member : Sami Yunus
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter
7 January, 2020
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