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On the shelf or tailor-made

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Get a mixer with a design adapted to your applications (different viscosities, shear sensitive, particles ...).

Contact us to discuss about your needs and to receive a quote.

On the shelf

Get your mixer from existing design to test it for your application.

Mixer in stainless steel, inconel, transparent resin...

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Plug and play / Robust

Easy to use and adapted to extreme environments


Compatible with connectors like Swagelok

High performance

Resistant materials like stainless steel, inconel, hastelloy, ceramic (under development) or technical polymers

One-piece production

Absence of joints ensures good sealing

Affordable and flexible

Thanks to 3D printing technologies, impossible design can be created

3D printed parts

Material is only used where it is needed to ensure optimal cost efficiency

Impossible design

Almost all design can be imagine and created thanks to additive manufacturing technologies with high performance materials

Catalog purchase

Buy existing design and avoid expensive development costs